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[Video] How do I setup alerts with Apteligent?

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It is very simple to setup alerts for your app in Apteligent. Simply follow the steps below:
  1. Log onto your Apteligent portal and select the app from App Management you wish to receive alerts from
  2. On the left and go to Monitor -> Alert Center
  3. Click the orange “Create Alert” button and enter the threshold you want met in order for an alert to be sent. For example, I want an alert when the crash percentage for my app exceeds 2%, and assign alert to a team member to receive the alert. 
  4. Furthermore, you can select more details option to setup filters by version, device, OS etc.
  5. Click Create Alert and voila, you’re done! 

All alerts will appear in the alert history section above, along with links to the crash trend page.

*If you don’t have alert notifications enabled go to Account Basics -> Alert settings and enter either the email or the phone number on which you wish to receive alerts . Be sure to check the appropriate box or boxes below and click "UPDATE ALERT SETTINGS". You will now receive a verification email or SMS. Simply reply to verify. Now we’re ready to set up the alert for the app.



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