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How to upload a dSYM when using Bitcode

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With the release of Xcode 7, Apple introduced App Thinning and Bitcode as an option. Apteligent began to support bitcode with its newest SDKs per the release notes. If your app uses bitcode, you will need to use Xcode's  Crashes Organizer to obtain the dSYM files manually:

1)  To download the dSYM file from XCode, go to the XCode Organizer:

User-added image

2)  Find the version of your app that you uploaded to the app store, and click the "Download dSYMs..." button on the right pane:

User-added image

3)  Now, once the dSYMs are downloaded to your archive, then you can upload the dSYM files to Apteligent.
Select your archive name, right click the icon next to the name select "Show in Finder"

User-added image

4)  In Finder, right click the xcarchive, Show Package Contents .

User-added image
5)  There is a "dSYMs" subfolder in the archive. This is where the "Download dSYMs..." button downloads dSYM’s. You can upload these dSYM’s to Apteligent either using the Apteligent script or simply dragging and dropping and dropping them onto the App Settings Upload dSYMs area of the Apteligent portal.

For more information, please review this page from Apple.  

You may experience Apple's Xcode Organizer Download dSYMs... doesn't always download new dSYM files. Please try the following steps to download the proper dSYM files:

1) Go to

2) Navigate to the app that requires the symbols:
          a) Click on "My Apps"
          b) Click on the app

3) Click on the build of the app on the left sidebar.

left nav bar - app build

4) Scroll down and click on the build of the app.

click on build of app

5) Click on "Download Symbols"

download symbols

6) Rename the downloaded file as a zip file, and upload to Apteligent.




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