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How does NDK symbolication work?

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After you configure NDK crash reporting (see our documentation here ), you'll want to upload symbol files in order to have more readable stack traces.

Once native crashes are activated, you can upload symbols on the app's settings page under the "Upload NDK Symbols" Tab in your App Settings.

To upload the symbols you need to build the native code with debug symbols. Do this by following the instructions below (Note: this is currently done via the console/terminal):

  1. cd into your root application directory

  2. Enter the command at the console line: $ ndk-build

  3. Go to the obj/local/armeabi folder and put the .so files created there into a zip archive.

  4. Drag that zip archive into the drop box (located under the "Upload NDK Symbols" tab in your App Settings) for uploading ndk symbols and it will report back either 200 OK and tell you for which library you just uploaded symbols or it will report an error.

  5. Repeat steps 3-4 in obj/local/armeabi-v7a/ folder, if you've built your app for use on arm-v7+ devices

After you've completed these steps you should be able to view your symbolicated native crashes and your crashes from that build will get symbolicated automatically.



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